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past continuous September 1, 2010

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was/were + ing form


I was swimming

You were cooking

He/she was doing

Here you find more information and exercises!

Ex. 1

Ex. 2

Ex. 3


Present perfect Februar 26, 2010

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Du verwendest das present perfect mit since und for, um auszudrücken, seit wann (since) oder wie lange (for) ein Zustand schon besteht.

Zum Beispiel:

I‘ve been crazy about this boy since Christmas.

It has been like that for ages.

I haven’t seen her for weeks.

Practice the present perfect here!

simple past or present perfect



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Whatch this video to get an overview!

Practice the if clauses:

if clauses A

if clauses B

if clauses C

match the sentence halves

Contitional I

unreal conditional

Conditional II

Contitional III

Conditional I and II

You are already experts! Now try  this one:

Conditional review


Florida Februar 11, 2010

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What do you know about Florida?


Map quiz: cities of Florida

Facts and information about Florida