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future: going to Februar 7, 2010

Filed under: 2. Klasse — Miss F. @ 12:18 pm

Make sure you do these actvities well!

Going to

Going to A

Going to B

Which future tense are you going to use now: „will“ or „going to“

Will or going to


18 Responses to “future: going to”

  1. Hiii!
    We didn´t make any mistakes!

  2. Rafael kummer Says:

    Coole Sache das going to A

  3. martina Says:

    das ist ziemlich lustig macht spaß

  4. raoul Says:

    Very cool.

  5. johannnes Says:

    es ist sehr lustig

  6. lukas Says:

    coole webside !!!

    Yours lukas and ferdinand

  7. nermien Says:

    Es war klasse und es macht spaß

  8. Laura Says:

    Hello Misses Fürnschuß,
    The website is very nice and cool.I Haven’t all right but it was very cool

  9. melanie Says:

    Hello Misses Fürnschuß
    The website is great: we look oftener to this website.
    The exercises were great.
    Love Melanie and Julia

  10. fuernschuss Says:

    Thanks for all that feedback!
    I am glad you like it!
    Best wishes
    B. F.

  11. Sasi :) Says:

    I’m going to make some exercises for our
    revision tomorrow…
    …see you.
    Love, Saskia

  12. Martina Says:

    it was very cool

  13. viki Says:

    it was very funny

  14. David12135 Says:

    This is cool .

  15. melanie und julia Says:

    This website is cool.
    Love Julia and Melanie

  16. Melanie Riedl Says:

    Hi Miss Fürnschuss! This is a very nice webside :)))

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