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regular past tense verbs Juni 13, 2012

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You know already a little bit about the past tense.

Try it here! Good Luck! 🙂

You can try that link now!


Birthday Mai 6, 2010

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Happy Birthday!

Have fun doing these exercises!

ordinal numbers

ordinal numbers I

ordinal numbers II



Present continuous

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Use: You use present continuous to express what people are doing now!!!

I am helping my mum.

You are watching TV.

He/She/It is looking out of the window.

We are listening to music.

You are cooking.

They are writing e-mails.


I am not writing a letter.

You are not reading a book.

He/She/It is not eating.

We are not watching the film.

You are not playing football.

They are not helping their mum.  


Are you playing football?

Is she doing her homework?

Are they reading a book?

Have a look at the videos here:

Now get active and practice it:

present continuous 1

present continuous 2 (love)

present continuous 3 (frogs)

present continuous 4

song + exercise

present simple vs present continuous


What’s the time? April 6, 2010

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Asking for the time:

„Excuse me, what time is it?“


„Excuse me, what’s the time?“

Note: a.m. – p.m.

a.m. – from midnight to 12 midday

p.m. – from 12 midday to midnight

What’s the time?


The time

Game: telling the time

Time exercises

What time do you…?


singular or plural März 12, 2010

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 We usually add an „s“ to a noun to make it plural but there are some exceptions you have to remember:

1 mouse – 2 mice

1 fish – 2 fish

1 pony – 2 ponies

Practice it a little bit more:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Present simple questions März 3, 2010

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You build questions in present simple like this:

Do you buy your own clothess?

Does he like T-shirts with animals?

Practice the questions here:

present simple questions 1

present simple questions 2

present simple questions 3

present simple questions 4


Animals März 2, 2010

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Here you find some animals


animal game

animals of the world

here you find several (mehrere) animal games:

Check them out here!

Listen to the animals:


Then do the exercises here!