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past continuous September 1, 2010

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was/were + ing form


I was swimming

You were cooking

He/she was doing

Here you find more information and exercises!

Ex. 1

Ex. 2

Ex. 3


present perfect Juni 16, 2010

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have/has + past participles

for example:

I have lost…

You have bought…

She has built…

He has broken…  

It was eaten…

We have hurt…

You have seen…

They have gone…

Here are some exercises for you

ex 1

ex 2

ex 3

Read a  short text and answer the questions here!

ex 4

ex 5

ex 6

ex 7

past simple or present perfect

present simple or present perfect 2


Possessive pronouns

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Possessive pronouns A


Inside a house Mai 25, 2010

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Whatch this video and write down which things you can see in the house


Where we live

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You know these vocabulary now!

Try out these exercises

ex A

In exercise B think of the answer first, then klick!

ex B

ex C furniture

ex D what’s in this house?

to get more practice check out this webpage and do more exercises!


SpongeBob Mai 19, 2010

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Do you know it? Can you describe SpongeBob?

Do you know this?

Find out something about the history of SpongeBob!


SpongeBob episodes



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Are you afraid of ghosts?