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Past tense questions with „W…“ Oktober 20, 2010

Filed under: 2. Klasse — Miss F. @ 7:55 pm

Try to build past tense questions!

Question A

Question B


15 Responses to “Past tense questions with „W…“”

  1. thomas zangl Says:

    that’s very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fabian Griessner Says:


  3. Daniel Fruhmann Says:

    Question B by Past Tense Questions With ,,W…´´ was very easy.

  4. Anabel schneider Says:

    Witzig und crazy

  5. Valentina Tsirigotis Says:

    it is cool and funny!!!! XD XD

  6. sahra*+ katrin* Says:

    it was very cool!! and there were funny pictures!:):):):):):)

  7. lisa-marie stelzer Says:

    It´s cool and great!!!!


  8. karo nd cori Says:

    it was very great and funny….!!!!….=) =)

  9. Valentina Says:

    It’s funny XD

  10. Melanie&Emely Says:

    It´s fanny,cool and gread!!!

  11. It was weri funny but it was to longe. ..
    🙂 🙂 (-:
    *lol* *gg* *cool*

  12. Sebastian Meixner Says:

    Question A by Past Tense Questions With ,,W…´´ was very easy and cool

  13. Weiss Says:

    Ms Fürnschuss….you did a great job. Thank you so much for your commitment.

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